Q: Do you have hotel blocks?

A: Yes: 

TownPlace Suites Nashville Downtown/Capitol District -  Rate $229 - Available Here

SpringHill Suites Nashville Vanderbilt/West End - Rate $199 - Available Here 

Element Nashville Vanderbilt West End (Oct. 6-13) - Rate $229 - Available Here

Q: When will Ticketmaster tickets be transferrable?

A: We are currently working on getting Ticketmaster to transfer tickets early, we should have this done soon.

Q: How do I register for day-time events?

Sign up for John’s mailing list here - we will be sending more information about that soon!

Q: I purchased tickets for show dates in 2021, are they still valid for the rescheduled dates in 2022?

A: Yes, they are still valid.

Q: Is there a fan group of folks going to the shows online?

A: Yes! You are welcome to join our private, You Got Gold Facebook Group. Fans here are inquiring about tickets, selling their tickets if they cannot attend, and chatting about which daytime events they want to go to! CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

Q: Will either of the new shows at City Winery conflict with shows originally scheduled at other venues?

A: It won't. You can find all events here:https://yougotgold.johnprine.com/events 

Q: We have tickets for shows but I don't think we are on the email list - could you advise how to get on that? 

A: You can go to johnprine.com and click “mailing list” to sign up! 

Q: How will we receive our tickets? 

A: You will receive your tickets via email closer to the show dates to avoid scalpers. 

Q: I got a link to print tickets to the CMA show when I bought the tickets. They are printed with the 2021 date. Do you know if these tickets going to be honored at the door?

A: Yes, those tickets will be honored!

Q: Will Oh Boy visits be available?

A: Sadly no! But we will have a pop-up shop available downtown so you can get all JP memorabilia you need!

Q: Will John's Christmas tree be on display somewhere during the week?

A: Oh, you'll see it! 

Q: What's the lineup?

A: The lineup includes artists who John has had a personal friendship with…that’s about all I can say! 

Q: What shows are in the bundle we purchased from Oh Boy?

A: For the ticket bundles, they will include both Ryman shows, CMA Theater, and the Basement East. details:* If you ordered the bundle from the Oh Boy store, your name will be on the guest list. *If you ordered from any other ticketing platform, your tickets will be delivered a few weeks before the show.

Q: What is included with the Ryman's VIP/Premium pass package? 

A: The "premium pass" add-on is a Ryman upsell that they have available for their shows. They have a bar/lounge set up in the 5th Avenue vestibule and if you purchase the pass then you get access.